You haven’t lived until you’ve heard “Day Tripper” performed by aT/dC on a piano and mandolin!

Here is the first video of a series called “Botanica Sessions”. aT/dC filmed it at dC’s place, where they often work out arrangements and try different ideas. Check out their arrangement of “Day Tripper” from last Sunday’s session:

You can hear dC playing mandolin in this one. He takes the melody for the verses, trying to incorporate the sound of overlapping strings. aT (aka “Piano Goddess”) keeps it very ethereal, but then takes over for the chorus, playing so powerfully you can almost feel it. dC’s mandolin has a hard time keeping up!

dC: My dog Coco has a cameo; watch for her right at the beginning. She is a little shy of strangers but seems to have taken to Piano Goddess right away. Since I live in apartment, the piano aT is playing is simulated on the computer, connected to a Native Instruments S88 controller. Obviously, a Piano Goddess like aT prefers playing an acoustic grand piano (and you should be lucky enough to be standing next to a nice grand piano when she plays – omg!), but I think you’ll agree that her fingers can make any set of keys sound fantastic!

Did you enjoy the video? Have any requests? Let us know in the comments.

We love you!

One Reply to “You haven’t lived until you’ve heard “Day Tripper” performed by aT/dC on a piano and mandolin!”

  1. James, So this is what you do on an unsuspecting Sunday morn!
    Like you say: OMG – only in reference to you, too! Yep, I’m a lurker and I think I hit the motherlode in mando-man for my Goat Suite!

    Can’t wait for you to lay those tracks down, mando-man.

    Specifically about the music here? Geez what’s not to love?

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