aT: We are now leaving the season of Gemini the Twins and heading into Cancer the Crab. The Crab’s main focus is the home. Cancer is a water sign, indicating that these individuals approach and understand the world through their emotions. Cancer people tend to be sensitive and in tune to the feelings of others. They can use this gift to create strong and nurtured families, social groups, and friendships. They are methodical, technical, creative, and steady. They can be easily overwhelmed by their or others’ emotions and can want to retreat into their crab-shell as a result.

For this vid, I wanted us to film a hike with a lake or body of water….since water and emotions are the primary aspect of Cancer the Crab. I struck gold (or maybe I should say “silver” since that’s one of Cancer’s colors) when I found the Forgotten Valley hike. This is a hike through Golden Gate State Park, and it leads to an old HOMEstead situated on a pond. Perfect for a video about home-loving Cancer the Crab!
The hike was gorgeous but even more fascinating was the story at Forgotten Valley. It is now maintained as a historical site with very informative placards. The homestead was built in the 1800s by a Swedish family who settled on the land and made their living selling dairy, eggs, potatoes and beef. Not only was it successful, the same family farmed and lived on the homestead through 3 generations! The homestead was nourished by Nott Creek (again…home…water…nurture). I love the story of how they kept their dairy and meat cool—by running the stream through the dairy’s floor. How ingenious!
We were so inspired and impressed by this family. Farming in the mountains of CO with the closest town being miles away cannot have been easy. And yet they successfully did so for 3 generations! And what I LOVE about this story is that the qualities which made this homestead work are EXACTLY the qualities of Cancer the Crab: resourceful, perservering, tireless….all in the pursuit of creating a sustainable home. At every cost, they show extreme dedication to their cause.
James enjoyed shooting short vids of the buildings (which he said belonged to “Hidden Valley Ranch…..get it?”) You can see more behind the scenes footage on his vlog.
On the way back, we added the City Lights Cliff Trail, which unbeknownst to us, was mostly vertical. It was another Cancer the Crab experience: it was a tough climb, but we stuck with it….one step at a time. And we made it. We were rewarded at the top with spectacular views and butterflies zooming all over (probably doing mating dances….tis the season to make families, regardless of your species).
The music for this vid is based on one of James’ original compositions. It features a cyclical conversation between the piano and guitar. The conversation between the two instruments mimics a Crab’s forwards and backwards movement. (A little homage to Poulenc’s Le bestiaire….). The track turned out to be one of our favorites.
Thank you for reading! I hope you can take time to appreciate your home and those you love today.
(And..I am so grateful that my home life does not involve raising potatoes and defending my meat stores from bears).
Want to visit Forgotten Valley? Click here to check it out.
Sending you peace,
-aT (the Piano Goddess)

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